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Welcome to Barre Element. A boutique fitness studio that offers low impact group fitness classes with an element of cardio. Each class is 60 minutes. Our signature barre class creates lean muscles with defined movements in order to sculpt and tone with proper stretching to help minimize pressure on joints and strengthen hard to reach muscles while they are warm. Other classes like PiYo and Circuit Pilates are offered to add variety to your weekly commitment. If you desire to burn even more calories and sculpt a leaner physique, we also offer cardio and strength training classes like Barre Boxing, TRX and Yoga Fusion (yoga+barre) several times each week. We also offer a few Stretch & Flow options. Our schedule is updated regularly, and our pop-up classes introduce new formats that we hope will graduate to become studio favorites.

The Science of group fitness classes

Today, we can do everything online or via text without speaking to another person, but humans are social creatures! Most of us WANT to be around other people which is a great bi-product of the studio. Nothing brings people closer than a challenge! Groaning and moaning together will often produce an outburst of laughter which helps to solidify camaraderie; after all, we are in this together! There is no judgement, there is no pressure, there is only the challenge of staying in the moment and focusing your mind to perform the next movement and achieve that personal goal. People walk into their first class for many reasons, but, along the way,we become friends through this mutual ritual of challenging and encouraging each other. We not only work hard together, but we genuinely enjoy one another's company. Barre is a fun way to get fit and build strength while meeting some of the nicest people with shared interests! Our staff will help shape your physique, our community will help shape your motivation, building strength will help you shape confidence while all those wonderful endorphins will shape a greater sense of mental well-being.

Get out of your car~ Get away from your desk! Set aside the to-do list! Check-out of the demands of life for ONE hour a day, and GET IN YOUR ELEMENT!

Discover YOUR element • Live in your element • BE IN YOUR ELEMENT